Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Re-asking: What is a Graphic Designer?

Last week I posted 3 inspirational and great videos on graphic design. I later discussed and shared my opinion on how I see design in Malta... Yesterday I saw something which made me reinforce my thoughts - why good graphic designers are a minority in Malta? and what "stands" out and what is accepted in Malta is in majority bad bad bad design?

I came to notice that on facebook a T-shirt design competition was in progress. I had the courage to press on the link and the result was barely watchable. After the shock, I went on to read some of the comments underneath the images. How can one still comments on such images saying: well done, wow, great, amazing, nice decoration, nice """design""""? where am i living? :(

If you would like to see yourself, this is the link: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=281808&id=298645802335
The only complaint/critique I saw was; "I'm very disappointed that not all logos (???) were put up...how come pls?" When are the Maltese going to learn? I can start by saying that design is not decorating or playing with word art shapes!!!!...

Taking on Marketing Like Banksy | Creative Guerrilla Marketing Examples

Great post by CreativeGuerrillaMarketing.com on Banksy and his interesting work that may inspire some guerrilla marketing campaign.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Creative Shopping Bags | feel desain

I came across this blog post by feel desain about creative bag design. I love seeing things which are designed with thought and which use creativity.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What is a Graphic Designer?

Great interviews with great graphic designers by Design Council UK explaining what is graphic design, the process and what does a graphic designer. 

More people here in Malta need to know these things since when I say I am studying graphic design, the answer mostly would still be; "You stay on the computer doing posters?" 

Graphic Design is about concepts and communicating. In Malta I see a lot of need for graphic design but which, in my opinion, cannot be tackled because of the way it is offered or because people are still unaware about design. I cannot not say that good graphic design is increasing since more (young) people are studying it and more people are going abroad, but too much bad design is still present in Malta. I want design to be available to everyone to avoid being replaced by anyone who thinks he is a designer just because he uses the software. The computer is a tool. Graphic Design starts from brainstorming, sketches, concepts and ideas. These will lead to better solutions and better communication.

Right now I am designing a font inspired from Georgian, finalizing my thesis literature review, studying sound design and soundscapes, exhibitions research and planning.

In the meantime redwhiteMT, a great design blog in Malta, featured Money Magazine in the last blog. You can see the blog post here: http://redwhitemt.com/blog/?p=1237
I got also featured since I was interviewed in issue 5 :)