Monday, December 27, 2010

Time is passing by

I've been quite busy these 2 months because of my degree course since I have 4 assignments to be finished by January and my thesis.

So for one assignment we had to come up with a different kind of furniture that involves a new need... not sitting, standing, lying but something different. It involved a lot of thinking but at least it was a group work. We also had to create a different type of TV advert that was 3 minutes long. I finally used my camera for the shooting of the advert since it is HD. I really enjoyed it. I also took care of the layouts, user manual, illustrations, logo and photos.

Another assignment is a rebranding project. I am doing the business card, advertising campaigns and merchandising, since we are a group of 10. I am trying to think of different methods of advertising and trying to come up with ideas for different campaigns.

Another assignment is a  new make up/fragrance product design. After choosing my idea and doing several presentations, I designed the user manual and then I had to design it in a 3D software to send to the 3D printer. I had never used 3D software but in a day I managed to design my product in 3D :D

Then the other assignment is my business plan. I hate writing and having these assignments full of theory but it will be useful in the future. I also had to present my idea and I tried to make my presentation not boring using different photos I took.

For my thesis, which is "Teen Gender Stereotypes in Advertising: How this effects (aids or deranges) youths in their critical teen years with regards to self-esteem & self-confidence", I began reading different journals and book by Jean Kilbourne. I need to try and focus more on my thesis because it has to be finished by May!

I will post photos of my assignments finals in January ;)
I also had a nice Christmas. It's also my bf's birthday on Christmas Eve :)
I took some photos and uploaded them on deviant art, facebook and flickr. I would like to get more feedback since I am more experimenting. I mostly like photos which create an abstract composition. These are some of the photos I took. Others can be viewed on Flickr or Deviant Art

Merry Birthday ;)
Rusted Detail 

I also took part is some competitions. This is a logo I presented for a logo competition in Malta.
I wanted to time myself and present whatever idea came to my mind in that time. I presented this idea done in about 3hrs.

I am also following different blogs, both Maltese and foreign since I believe a lot in seeing what's happening around us, seeing others thoughts and likes and reading critiques.

I am also seeing what campaigns are being done at the moment. This is a campaign which stands out and which is different. I love the idea since it’s interactive and playful and it is obviously different and stands out. It also increases the involvement of people with the brand since people can play their own tune and share it. It was aimed at men to help them with their Christmas shopping and it obviously appeals to them. Since I am doing my thesis on women in advertising, I can say that I did not find it dehumanizing. In fact it is a rather playful way to advertise your brand and products. The mind behind the video was a freelance digital designer located in London and working for a few advertising agencies, Bernard Magri. For more information check, a great Maltese blog about design and arts.

Another campaign is Tippexperience where a common old-school product does something new and interactive on YouTube.

Finally... I wish you happy holidays and happy new year!!!