Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2 weeks passed & I started the degree & this weekend I also took part in a painting exhibition. I can say that this is the 4th exhibition I took part in. 

During the 1st week of the degree I basically had to choose my theme of the thesis. I chose the subject of sex/women in advertising & the designer's responsibilities. I had started some research on this subject last year & it interested me a lot. Finally I have to create a project since it is a project based thesis. I hope my research will take me to a final creative project, maybe based in Malta.

This week we started the assignments. They are very interesting... and even busy. In the meantime I'm working on a logo for a competition & as I said, this weekend I took part in an exhibition in my village.

These are the works I had exhibited:

From top:
  • "Taht is-Saqqajja" - Acrylic
  • "Sqaq gor-Rabat" - Pen & Ink
  • "Parallel Lines in our surroundings" - Semi-Abstract in Acrylic & Mixed media - I was inspired with various parallel lines around us such as benches, stairs, gates and others. I also used newspaper, foil, brown paper for texture. A lot of people liked this one & I might even sell it, but I still don't know if I will keep it or do another 1 like it, since I am really fond of it.
  • "Il-Kappella tal-Madliena" - Watercolour

Below are 2 photographs I took which I really like. These were part of my photographic course assignment, in which I won the best assignment award:



This week I may be adding another tool to help me in my work & hobby... a Canon SLR Camera! This is my 2nd great investment after my Macbook Pro.

Finally... I'd better continue my research on Marketing & Advertising! I hate this part were I only research, but I'm waiting eagerly for the creative parts of the assignments.