Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Simply the best thank god"

September 2011 - many things changed!! A year of hard work finished!! I finished my degree, submitted my thesis, I did a month voluntary work in Naples, I met a lot of interesting people, found a job in a design company and a lot more.

Thesis submitted... finally!
The voluntary work in Naples was an experience that is difficult to explain. It was nice working with the kids but even being part of the group of volunteers was amazing. I appreciate more the simple life; we spent a month with the least possible technological devices and with no internet. With this we spent more time with each other, as a group. The experience with the children made me think on various aspects of life, and on how small things can be appreciated and make one happy.

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Before leaving for Naples, I wanted to pause the end of the characterful vintage Maltese buses (2nd of July 2011). I went to Valletta and took many photos of the orange buses that I always remember in Malta. I also found this great article about the Maltese buses written by Jake Wallis Simons for BBC.

Part of his article: “No traditional Maltese bus would be complete without a collection of slogans hand-painted on the back.
"Forever young"
"Tracy Star"
"Speed of light"
"Chelsea Nigel"
"Travel magic"
"Life in heaven"
"Get one free"
"Eat my dust"
"I wish you triple you wish for me"
"You're my own time lover"
"Living dreams"
"Simply the best thank god"
"Panorama elite 3"
And my personal favourite, "I don't care what people say - strong enough".” 
(Jake Wallis Simons, 2011)
These are some of the photos I took:

World Photography Day
The 19th of August is World Photography Day. The Malta Photographic Society organized a 2 day event for photographers and amateurs. These are some of the photos I took. More can be found on Facebook.

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