Sunday, August 29, 2010

2 weeks remaining :( :/ :) ...

So... where to begin...?
After finishing my 2 year HND Graphic Design course I had to decide what I will be doing with my future;
- continue next September with a 1 yr degree?
- start working & do the degree later?...

So this Summer I tried to make the most of it; first I had the school exhibition with some of my work at St James Cavalier, Valletta and I also found a part time job as a graphic designer.. actually my first experience as a graphic designer, apart from freelance work. I also took part in some competitions, did some tutorials and freelance. Apart from graphic design, I also took photos, went abroad (Barcelona!! Art everywhere), went swimming, dancing, auditioning & acting (because of my boyfriend...long story), watched TV shows, went to Gozo and many other relaxed stuff!

But... throughout all Summer I had to decide what to do with my future. I finally decided that I had to do the degree because it would be worth it and also an experience... although I am afraid that since it is very busy and tough, I would not have any free time, since last year's students stayed at school for a long time... even slept there! Anyways we'll see were it gets to.

In the meantime I'll be posting some of my work. Feel free to comment & criticize, since I believe that it helps a lot and because I would like to know what other people truly think.

Front Cover
Contents Page

Inside Spread

This was an assignment on Editorial Design. After doing research on the subject, finding examples and annotating, I had to design a fanzine about a subject I like. I chose dance. I could be experimental and free to choose a style.