Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ist Semester Ready!

And I'm almost half way through finishing my degree!! Yesterday I submitted all 4 assignments and I have a week  with some free time, although I have to continue my thesis. It has been a though week, I spent more time at school than at home and slept for a short period or did not sleep at all... group works sometimes are tiring! This week was filled with documentations, layout design, printing, presentations and finalizing.

So this is some of my work:
Play (radio ad campaign)

Talk (radio ad campaign)

Shuffle (radio ad campaign)

Broadcasting company rebranding assignment: For these radio advertising campaigns, the concept came from the equipment related to the radio station and a smiley face which I combined in each image. "We make your day far happier." The first idea came for the radio "play" and the headphones. I mostly like that one since I see that it's the one that mostly works.

Another campaign I did for this rebranding assignment:
Your Knowledge

Your Companion

Your Entertainment

"You Companion, Your Knowledge, Your Entertainment"
Broadcasting company ads showing the importance they give to tv, internet and mobile technology. The images are changed, not only in colour but also in achievement.

Apart from assignments, I was featured in a Maltese magazine for the first time :D
I had noticed this magazine from its first issue. I really like its design and articles. It is distributed to businesses in Malta and selected Vodafone corporate clients and all their retail outlets. All 5 Star Hotels including their business centres, executive lounges and rooms (where allowed). Maltese Embassies abroad (uk, Rome, Brussels, Moscow and Libya). Some Government institutions and ministries.

You can view the issue here: Money Magazine