Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MCAST Flavours Exhibition – June 2011

Each year, at the end of the scholastic year, MCAST Art & Design organizes an exhibition with the work of the students. As the graphic design degree class, we took care of the branding of the exhibition, the adverts, the setup of our exhibits and documenting all the process each course was making regarding the exhibition. 
I was part of the brainstorming and proposed 3 ideas for the branding of the exhibition. Then when the branding was chosen, I was part of a group of 4 persons, which took care of documenting and taking photos of the overall process. It was a very busy and time-consuming task, because every week we had to go to each course and ask some of the students what were they doing, choose some of the presentations with their proposals for the exhibition, take photos and talk to tutors. Finally, we did a digital booklet.

The MCAST Art & Design Flavours Exhibition - Logo chosen (designed by 3 Degree Students) & the labels for the courses offered
The exhibition was held in the institute premises for the first time, so a lot of work was also needed in the institute. Each class had to prepare the room assigned, meaning also work like plastering the walls and painting them.
But all this was worth it! The work presented was very impressive and one could see the effort done by the students and the whole institute. The opening night couldn’t be better! I took more photos of the opening night and of the events of the night, such as, the fashion show and the graphics display projection.
Below are some images that show the progress and the final exhibits. On Facebook I also uploaded Album 1 & Album 2.

This is the Graphics Display Projection, ‘Tempus Fugit’ by Paul Camilleri, a great lecturer at MCAST.

I also updated my Behance Portfolio with my degree work, which was also exhibited at the exhibition.