Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2 weeks passed & I started the degree & this weekend I also took part in a painting exhibition. I can say that this is the 4th exhibition I took part in. 

During the 1st week of the degree I basically had to choose my theme of the thesis. I chose the subject of sex/women in advertising & the designer's responsibilities. I had started some research on this subject last year & it interested me a lot. Finally I have to create a project since it is a project based thesis. I hope my research will take me to a final creative project, maybe based in Malta.

This week we started the assignments. They are very interesting... and even busy. In the meantime I'm working on a logo for a competition & as I said, this weekend I took part in an exhibition in my village.

These are the works I had exhibited:

From top:
  • "Taht is-Saqqajja" - Acrylic
  • "Sqaq gor-Rabat" - Pen & Ink
  • "Parallel Lines in our surroundings" - Semi-Abstract in Acrylic & Mixed media - I was inspired with various parallel lines around us such as benches, stairs, gates and others. I also used newspaper, foil, brown paper for texture. A lot of people liked this one & I might even sell it, but I still don't know if I will keep it or do another 1 like it, since I am really fond of it.
  • "Il-Kappella tal-Madliena" - Watercolour

Below are 2 photographs I took which I really like. These were part of my photographic course assignment, in which I won the best assignment award:



This week I may be adding another tool to help me in my work & hobby... a Canon SLR Camera! This is my 2nd great investment after my Macbook Pro.

Finally... I'd better continue my research on Marketing & Advertising! I hate this part were I only research, but I'm waiting eagerly for the creative parts of the assignments. 


  1. ei Marie,
    Thanks for following blog8blogs, even though it's not updated regularly (busy with my work lately). =)

    btw, you had interesting artworks and pix! Keep up the good work... :P


  2. Hi Ariston,

    you're welcome and thanks for your comment :)

    Marie Claire