Sunday, June 12, 2011

B.U through fashion

So, finally, I need to hand-in my thesis by 17th June. My thesis is on advertising, teens and self-esteem.

Different experiments were tried before the final project, such as, an interactive process magazine where one could see a person changing, starting from spontaneous photography to poses and photoshopped images. Before this experiment 5 stages for different photography styles used in advertising were determined, with the help of previous research and campaigns:
1. Spontaneous Photos – grab character, spontaneity, personality, hobbies
2. Aware of the camera but still herself – having fun and the character is still seen
3. Fake poses – character is diminishing and ambient is changing
4. Provocative – looks that try to grab attention and provocative poses – maybe with double meanings
5. Objectified – no more character
This experiment did not succeed because the process did not stand out and it seemed liked a normal photo-shoot.

Process Images - From spontaneous to posed photos

These experiments helped for the final idea.
For this thesis a company named ‘B.U through fashion’ was created and its teen awareness campaign magazine was named, ‘Closer'.

‘Closer‘ Magazine is an awareness campaign magazine aimed at teens. It is made of ‘real personalities, real girls, true fashion.' This study did not blame and did not focus on adverts as the cause of teenage problems, but focused on how to help teenagers believe more in themselves and it also emphasized on the importance of personality.

The idea was that of an online teen magazine made of spontaneous and candid photos of different women and teenagers. First, a photo of the person was taken without them noticing. Then, after showing them their photo, interviews about the photo taken and also about themselves, were carried out. This means that they created the magazine and that the photos used showed their personality with no poses, no retouching and nothing fake. This teen magazine aims to show different personalities and to help teenagers understand what means being you through fashion and through your own personality. Apart from the online magazine, the campaign also included posters, which used each participant in the magazine with the adjectives given.

The aim of this research project was to make a different awareness campaign to help teenagers be ‘models‘ with their personalities while having self-esteem and self-confidence subtly advertised. Questions like these led me to this project; How to raise awareness in order to show that one‘s personality can be given more importance than looks? How can I show everyone as he/she is, and threat him/her as a star, and most of all, let teenagers be who they really are? Finally, this campaign can be found on Facebook.

One can like the B.U through fashion page on facebook and find the link to the magazine and the campaign posters. A feedback survey can also be filled out.

This project was also featured on Pavli Style website.

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